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SAVE THE DATE: June 9, 2018

About Danny and Why I Ride

Mark Selz

Hello. it’s me again,

Well, I am doing it again, and I do hate to even ask….

You all know about my son Danny. He has Fragile X Syndrome and this makes life… Well, interesting at times. For him and for us.

Fragile X is the leading cause of mental delay in males and the leading known cause for Autism.

It is this link to Autism that has me doing the Ride for Autism every year and why it is my most important ride each year.

This will be my 6th Ride for Autism and the 5th time I am trying to raise donation outside of my registration fee.

In the four years I have been raising donations you, my friends and family, have donated over $14,000.

I simply cannot thank you enough.

I am putting my hand out again.

The 2017 ride is on Saturday, June 10. I have registered to ride the Century (100 miles) and I have kicked off the donations with a donation above my registration fee.

Please consider any size donation. If you can donate you have my thanks. If you choose not to you have my understanding and my friendship and thanks for your emotional support because I know you will be with me in spirit.

Thank you.


raised of $2,500 goal

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