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SAVE THE DATE: June 9, 2018

About Danny and Danny's Team

Danny's Team 2017

Hi, I'm Mark Selz and I started Danny's Team in honor of my older son.

Danny has Fragile X Syndrome and this makes life… Well, interesting at times. For him and for us.

Fragile X is the leading cause of mental delay in males and the leading known genetic cause for Autism.

It is this link to Autism that has me doing the Ride for Autism every year and why it is my most important ride each year.

This is the fourth year for Danny's Team and each year the team has grown a little and the amount donated has risen as well.

In the picture above you see three of the 12 members we had last year. That's me all the way to the right.

In the five years I have been raising donations, first on my own and then as part of Danny's Team, your generous donations have raised over $14,000!

I simply cannot thank you enough.

The 2017 ride is on Saturday, June 10. I am planning to ride the Century and I hope some members of the team will join me on that distance. Members are welcome to ride any of the four distances: 25, 50, 62 or 100.

Please consider riding with us as part of Danny's Team. If you can't ride with us, please consider any size donation.

If you can donate you have my thanks. If you choose not to you have my understanding and my friendship and thanks for your emotional support because I know you will be with Danny's Team in spirit.

Thank you.


raised of $5,000 goal

18 Riders

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Recent Donations

1. Vivian Lambert-Broadfoot
My donation wasn't the biggest but it was the one to push you over the top to achieve your goal
2. Craig Spendiff
3. Linda Cerone
4. Linda Cerone
5. a·non·y·mous
Thanks for sharing your 100 mile journey. I work or have worked with two people who have autistic children so I felt I should do something for those families with autistic children and for that long hot ride you documented so well.
6. Karla Matute