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Ride for Autism...Because There's Always a Reason to Ride

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Team Joe Kloss

Team Joe Kloss

Please help us support Autism New Jersey by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Autism New Jersey's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!



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1 Rider

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Recent Donations

1. Bridget Geib
Go Team Kloss! You guys rock!
2. Kristin Belger
GO Team Joe GO!!! Such a pleasure meeting you!!
3. Pauline Bauer
4. Cindi Browning
Go Team Joe, Go! :)
5. Dona L Thornton
Wish I were riding with you this year. Pedal strong. Have fun
6. Mary Kuizema
You are the most devoted and loving mother that I know. Enjoy your ride for Team Joe