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SAVE THE DATE: June 9, 2018

Here I go again...

Toby Birenkrant

Last year I completed my 11th Ride for Autism. Year 10 was a mileage recap and year 11 was by the numbers, not to get all Math-y. Please take a moment to see what I'll be getting myself into and consider donating and/or riding with me.

First, we’ll start with 6, cause that’s what time I had to get up this morning…on a SATURDAY.

1 is the number of flat tires I got…. Grrreeat… (Luckily it was fixed BEFORE the ride). (50% of my tires)

Twice I was told that it would be an “easier” ride if I was using a road bike with thin tires instead of a hybrid with fat tires….well duh but I’m like 39 miles into this thing sooooo not much I can do ‘bout that now….oh and this is the only bike I have

I consumed 5 cookies and 1 bag of pretzels at 3 rest stops. (First cookie calories don’t count when you’re biking and second, who in their right mind would want oranges, pb and j sandwiches, bananas or granola bars when there are cookies?) I also think I ate 1 bug…but that was definitely not on purpose

13 was the number of times I asked myself why I was doing this

27 was the number of hills climbed or maybe it just felt like the entire ride was uphill… who knew NJ was so mountainous?

It was at least 101 degrees out…well maybe not that hot but certainly global warming has kicked in.

Biked 51.6 miles. I wanted to quit at 50 cause that’s all I signed up for but then I realized no one was gonna come get me.

And most importantly raised $615 for a worthy cause by 17 friends and family and the support and encouragement of countless others.


raised of $1,000 goal

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Congrats Toby on doing it again!!
3. Toby Birenkrant
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6. Cheryl Tischler
You are amazing! So glad we had time together!