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Join us for a Virtual Ride & Stride! June 6-20, 2020

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All proceeds from the Ride & Stride benefit Autism New Jersey.  We have opted to remove our fundraising requirement, but are still asking those who are able to actively fundraise by encouraging your friends and family to donate. Like other small businesses and non-profits, Autism New Jersey is feeling the strain of reduced revenue.  Many of our events have either been canceled or, like the Ride & Stride, re-imagined into a virtual option. 

Thank you for your generosity and understanding. We wish you all health and safety in the months ahead. 

Here are 5 fundraising essentials to help get you started and on a path to achieve your fundraising goals.  

#1 Customize Your Personal Fundraising Page

The most inspiring fundraising pages include a personal story about why participating in and fundraising for the Ride & Stride for Autism is important to you.  Also include a photo, which could be of you preparing for “event day,” a person you are honoring, or anything else that will motivate visitors to make a donation.  Update your page with your training progress and any challenges you have along the way.  
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#2 Set a Goal

It is important to set a fundraising goal. This informs donors what you would like to raise and in most cases, people will give a little extra to help you get there. When setting your goal, do not be conservative, aim high! It will inspire not only you but the people you are asking, too.

#3 Put Together a Donor Outreach List

Use our Donor Outreach (downloadable) tool to explore your network and reach out to as many people as possible. Include people you don’t think will donate and friends you haven’t seen in years.  You will be surprised how many people will support a cause important to you.


Set up an email schedule and stick to it.  Set a date for your initial email informing people that you are participating in the Ride & Stride for Autism and ask for their support.  The follow up is even more important!  3-4 weeks later, send out another email thanking those who donated and reminder to people who have not.  Continue to send an email every 3 weeks updating people with your progress. Don’t be afraid to keep asking, a lack of response is not a no!  Our headquarters has tools to help.

Customize our email template with your story, goals and anything that your donors will connect to.

Get creative with how you reach people. In addition to email, use a donate by mail form for less tech savvy folks.  Be sure to post on social media.  You will be surprised how many people donate to your page after seeing it on social media. 

Thank everyone who donates.

#5 Start or Join a Team

Teams aren’t for everyone, but there is something to be said about “power in numbers.” Teams provide healthy competition, camaraderie and will motivate you to stay focused with both training and fundraising.  You can even add team members who are "Virtual Riders" who can set up a fundraising page and help raise funds towards your goal. 
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Contact us if you need assistance with setting up your fundraising page or have any questions.